4 Week Challenge – Starts 1st of February

We are hosting a 4 Week Challenge for the month of February.
This challenge is designed for people wanting to lose unwanted body fat and establish some positive habits towards optimising their health.

$30 to join the challenge which includes:

  • 2 x Body Scans (Start & End)
  • Macronutrient Split Advice
  • Recipes
  • Accountability Tracking
  • Access to Weekly Challenge Activities
Challenge Starts on Monday the 1st of February and Ends on the 1st of March with scans occurring during class time.
This challenge will see habits stacked throughout the month.
  • Week 1 – Track Food = 1 point
  • Week 2 – No Added Sugar = 2 points
  • Week 3 – Drink 2L Water = 3 points
  • Week 4 – Sleep 7hrs = 4 points
You can only access the points if all habits are achieved on the day.
As you can see, the first week only has one habit but by week 4 there are 4 different habits.
We will use the gym’s accountability board to track your progress.
  • Bonus – 1% loss of Body Fat = 10 points.
Male & Female with the most points at the end of the month will receive $300 each.
This challenge is only available for Reclaim members, if your wanting to get involved, book a FREE trial class through our website. If you love the coaching, community and overall experience, fill out the membership form and we’ll put your name down for the challenge.
Entry is now available via the sign-up sheet found on the reception desk.
Who’s in?

Want more info?

Contact Ash 0491067005 or [email protected]