Ash working with Jackson (aged 15) to demonstrate back squat technique during a Strong Youth Club class.
Want your son/daughter to join the SYC?
Term 1 Enrolments are now open.
WHO: Designed for youth aged between 12-17 years who want to be coached in strength & conditioning.
WHEN: Monday to Friday @ 3:45pm or 4:30pm
WHERE: CrossFit Reclaim gym, Unanderra
1 Session/per week = $165
2 Sessions/per week = $280
3 Sessions/per week = $360
*Active Kids Vouchers Accepted
We kick off Term 1 on Saturday the 23rd of January at 9:30am to 11:00am with a Pre-term workshop where we will do a nutrition seminar, body scans to measure starting weight, muscle mass and body fat %, we’ll also give out term booklets at this workshop.
Call Ash on 0491067005 or Email [email protected]