CFR Weekly News 29th Jan 2020


Beach WOD 1st of Feb

  • 4pm this Saturday at Wollongong South Beach. 
  • We are bringing the atlas stones down for people to practice with prior to the Tribal clash in two weeks.
  •  Sign up via the link below to RSVP so we know numbers for programming. 

Tribal Clash 15th & 16th Feb

  • 9 Teams registered from CFR
  • All teams have a shirt design, please pay when you’re next in, shirts will be available mid-to-late next week. 


  • Feb intake starts on the 10th of Feb, if you’re wanting to join the Coaching program, get in soon. 

Gym Challenge –

 January “No Added Sugar”

  • 47 People participated
  • Winner Mick R – 0 missed days.
  • Runner up – Artim S – 1 missed day
  • High Achievers – Laura M, Laura H, Theo M, Jackie W, Cath R. All with 3-5 missed days. 

February “Conditioning Extra’s”

  • Starting on the 1st of Feb
  • How many points can you accumulate on top of the daily CrossFit class? 
  • 200m Run = 15points
  • 1 calorie = 1point
  • 1 burpee = 1point
  • 1 Rule – Points only count if you do the daily WOD. The challenge is in finding the extra time to do that little bit more. Before or after class….
  • Everyday you’ll record your points on the accountability board and most points at the end of the month will receive some Free CFR Merch (hat, shirt/singlet). 
  • Free for all members to sign up

Health WOD 

  • Monday 2nd of March
  • Body Scan – want to see changes in your body fat %. 
  • Mobility Assessment – following up on improvement seen in the Saturday morning mobility session. 

Q1 Survey follow up 

  • Thanks to all who participated and completed the survey, 
  • Our entire team has met and collated the feedback. 
  • Next Monday I’ll be announcing a few super positive changes that are coming to the gym as a result of the survey.  So stay tuned. I know everyone will be stoked with the changes. 


Thanks everyone, 

CrossFit Reclaim Team – Sam, Khrissy, Ash, Jesse, Tim, Jayden & Nigel