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Our CrossFIt Kids/ Teens program is designed for youth aged from 5-17 years, who wish to be professionally coached in strength, conditioning and nutrition.

CrossFit Kids/ Teens follows the school term and is held in a 45 minute class setting every weekday afternoon. A typical class will see a structured warm up, followed by 1 or 2 major strength exercises followed by a short conditioning piece and cool down stretch. Each week a topic on nutrition will be covered and discussed to reinforce understanding of nutrition and health.

Our core physiology inside CrossFit Kids/Teens is rooted in the development of character and mental toughness. We believe better people make better athletes. As such we strive to create an environment and culture where positive character traits (resilience, integrity, hard work, humility etc) are taught and reinforced in every class.

We end each term with a “End of Term Challenge” and presentation event, commonly held on the last Saturday of term. At this event, family & friends are invited to watch CrossFit Kids/Teen members undertake a capstone workout and receive acknowledgement & recognition in the progress they have made over the term.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child in CrossFit Kids/Teens and would like more information, please RSVP in the next upcoming information event or book a trial class. Alternatively, don’t hesitate in contacting us via phone or email.

Client Testimonials


“It’s An Encouraging Place”

‘I like to come to CrossFit Reclaim because it’s an encouraging place, a place to get fit, and everyone is nice.

I have learned chin up’s, handstand pushups and toes to bar.’


SYC Member

“CrossFit gets you motivated”

‘New skills which I have learned at CrossFit Reclaim – Muscle up, Box Jump, and improved my skipping.

CrossFit gets you very motivated, not only to get stronger but to try things in life.

Sam is good at motivating people.’


SYC Member

“Valuable Life Lessons”

‘I love going to CrossFit Reclaim because it has the best atmosphere with all the people here. We have the best Coach. We learn valuable life lessons and how to stay fit and healthy, while having tons of fun.

New skills learned – Muscle up, deadlift, Toes-to-bar.’


SYC Member

Why You'll Love Training With Us


45-Minute Class Format

Perfect amount of time to lead a warm up, learn the technique surrounding the movements, workout, cool down and discuss the week’s nutrition topic.

100% Coach Led & Instructed

Your child will work with a highly qualified & experienced Coach who will instruct and supervise them through the daily lesson plan.

Learn Core Strength & Conditioning Exercises

Each SYC member learns how to squat, deadlift and press in various ways along with a list of gymnastics exercises. As form and technique improves they are allowed to increase weight to challenge themselves and become stronger.

Learn Nutrition Best Practices

We all need good nutrition to thrive, teens are no different. We reinforce this within the SYC covering a nutrition topic each week within class.

Emphasis On Developing Character

Being resilient, displaying grit and working hard have nothing to do with how physically strong you are, it’s mindset related. Each session we reinforce mental toughness characteristics to help shape each child’s mindset.

Fun & Suitable for all Fitness Levels

We strive to create a team-like environment where friendships are formed. We want your child to love being a part of the SYC.

We are an Active Kids provider so you can RECEIVE A $100 VOUCHER to claim against your Strong Youth Club membership fees!


Where are the SYC sessions held?
What are the class times?
How much does it cost to join?
What are the dates throughout the year?
If my son/daughter misses a class can they do a make session?
What are example exercises my child will learn?
Is the SYC a registered Active Kids Provider?
What qualifications & experiences do the SYC Coaches possess?
How does the SYC cater for different age groups?
How can I enrol in the SYC?
Where are the SYC sessions held?

CrossFit Reclaim gym (94 Nudjia Road, Unanderra, NSW, Australia 2526)

What are the class times?

You can view our SYC Class times via our Timetable Page

Upon enrolment, you will confirm which classes your son/daughter will be attending each week.

How much does it cost to join?

Prices vary depending on the amount of times you attend each week. Further information can be found on our Pricing Page.

If starting late into the term, fee’s will be prorated based on number of weeks remaining.

We also accept Active Kids Vouchers for payment towards Term Fees.

What are the dates throughout the year?

The SYC runs per school term.

If my son/daughter misses a class can they do a make session?

Yes, but under 2 conditions – 1. You’ll need to email us ([email protected]) to request for a make-up nominating which day/time works, we’ll confirm on our end being sure their is enough room in the class wish you wish to attend.  2. You’ll need to complete all make up sessions by the end of term.

What are example exercises my child will learn?

Gymnastics exercises such as Push ups, Pull ups, Sit ups, Squats, Lunges, Handstands, Hollow holds, L-Sits, rope climbs etc.

Weightlifting exercises such as barbell squats (back, front & overhead), deadlifts and presses (bench press, shoulder press & push press).

Odd Object exercises such as deadball & sandbag cleans, tyre flips and various kettlebell and dumbbell movements.

Is the SYC a registered Active Kids Provider?

Yes, we are a registered Active Kids Provider. Send us your coupon after claiming and we’ll apply a $100 credit to your account.

What qualifications & experiences do the SYC Coaches possess?

A detailed description of each Coach can be found on our About Us section of the website. Ash is currently the primary Coach of the SYC but from time to time other Coaches on staff step in to help. Rest assured your child is in excellent hands.

How does the SYC cater for different age groups?

Each class is divided into three different age groups. They are 12-13, 14-16 & 17 years old. More importantly, the Coach adjusts the daily workout to suit each individual’s skills and abilities.

How can I enrol in the SYC?

Here is the link to the enrolment form.