CrossFit Reclaim News 12th August 2019


CrossFit Reclaim News 12th August 2019


Member achievements

  • 3RM Push Jerk improvements
  • Ali +25kg
  • Jeni +2kg 
  • Mick R +10kg 
  • Ali H +2kg 

1.6km Run Improvements

  • Shep -24sec 
  • Goodo -25sec & added another 3 unbroken double unders
  • Adriana -30sec 


  • Stacey -1.20min 2km row


New Members

Kristen, Daniel, Nic become CF members, & Daniel T, Blake joined the Strong Youth Club.


Upcoming Event – 8 Week Challenge

Starting: 7th of September

Ends: 2nd of November


Full details on what’s included are being released on Wednesday. Stay tuned. 


That’s all from us, thanks for watching. Talk soon.