How to lose weight


Want to lose body fat, here’s how you do it?

So you want to lose body fat?

Let me explain how we do it here at Reclaim.

First things we do when we start working with a new member is give them a body scan and set body composition goals. We want woman at 22% Body Fat and 15% for males with muscle mass levels half of body weight in kilograms. These numbers are ok and we’d consider these healthy, not fit or athletic but in good standing.

Don’t be shocked at how far you are away from these 22% and 15% when you first start. Most people are no way near these benchmarks.

So to help re-shape peoples bodies and drop that unwanted body fat we provide three basic recommendations.

  1. Sleep 8-9hrs per night?So important for hormone regulation, particularly insulin sensitivity. The closer we can have our sleeping 8-9hrs the faster we can regulate your hormones to be more conducive to recovery (ie build muscle) and fat mobilisation (insulin sensitivity).
  2. CrossFit x5 per week?Even if you’re a complete beginner, the Coach will back the intensity so that you won’t be crazy sore and make coming to class a habit straight off the bat. This super charges you’re metabolism.

Next is diet

This really comes down to if you’re willing to:

A. Weigh and measure your food intake?


B. Have a no list.

Lets dive into this:

  • Our prescription is – EAT meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO Sugar. Eat to support exercise but not body fat.
    1. First part – Eat meat and veg etc. This emphasis the quality of the food you eat. Essentially we endorse a low or slow carb, high protein and high fat diet. We’ve found this prescription has amazing benefits for regulating hormones and energy levels.
    2. The second part – Eat to support exercise but not body fat. This is addressing the portion or quantity element, we want you to have enough energy to hit workouts hard without over consuming more calories than you need and put on body fat.
    3. Two different ways to weight and measure your food, you can use a Zone diet prescription “see Enter the Zone written by Barry Sears” and use a measuring cup or you can track your calories and macro’s via MyFitnessPal. I personally like theMyFitnessPal, I use this when Coaching people in the LeanMe program, because it’s so easy to see your diary and dial in your diet however you want.
    4. Typically we recommend a diet that is 40% carbs, 30% Protein and 30% Fat however this can be adjusted depending your current body fat %. If people are willing to weigh and measure we always calibrate this for them based on their goals and current levels of body fat %.

But let’s say you’re like “Man, tracking is just too hard” Don’t have time, don’t like technology, seems a bit excessive”, then try having a ‘no list’.

What is a No List?

  • A simple list of foods you’re committed not to eat: NO MATTER WHAT!
  • Obvious ones are foods that are processed or have added sugar. Examples, soda’s, cakes, biscuit, chips, ice-cream etc
  • I’ve found that everyone can tell me which foods they shouldn’t be eating, my part in this is to help them refine a list to something they can stick too and help hold them accountable until they start seeing results then they usually are good and can keep it going based on the motivation the results bring.

Now if these recommendations above are outside your reach, struggle to get 8hrs of sleep a night, can’t workout every day or don’t know where to start with your diet. Think about each recommendation and try to get as close as you can to each one, do that and your on the right path to your goals.

Well that’s it for now, if you’re watching this and want to lose weight, we’d love to help, just give us and we can get started.