Top 10 Habits to Improve Body Composition


Top 10 Habits to Improve Body Composition

Conversation with new member.

Coach: What are you’re goals?

Member: I want to lose weight?

Coach: How much weight?

Member: 30kg’s

Coach: What are you prepared todo to achieve this goal?

Member: What does that mean?

Coach: Here are my top 10 Habits to Improve Body Composition right now that are 100% in your control to start the process towards achieving your weight loss goal.

  1. Do 5 CrossFit classes per week.
  2. Completely remove certain foods from your diet.
  3. Weigh and measure your food consumption.
  4. Show a Coach your food diary once per week.
  5. Eat Veg/Salad at every meal.
  6. Eat Protein and Fat at every meal.
  7. Only drink water, no other fluids.
  8. Sleep 8hrs a night
  9. Sit at a table to eat
  10. When you eat, no screens (TV, iPhone, etc)

Member: Wow! That’s alot. That seems a bit extreme don’t you think?

Coach: Depends on how bad you want it, so how bad do you want it?

Member: Losing 30kg would change my life, I really want this.

Coach: Lets talk about each one and I’ll help you come up with a lifestyle plan to turn these 10 points above into a daily habit.

Member: Yep, im in. Lets do this.