Weekly News Update 16th July 2019


Weekly News Update 16th July 2019


Last week’s member achievements

Deadlift 3RM

  • Bec M +7kg
  • Dot +2kg
  • Mumma +5kg 
  • Madi +5kg
  • Jeni +5kg
  • Catherine +5kg
  • Pete +33kg

Brynton +5kg 3RM Push Press

Ryan 40 inch box jump

Trott – -30sec Grace

Sonia – 1st Rope climb

Bill +1 Sit to stand during 5min Sit to stand AMRAP


Gymnastics Workshop Review

23 people attended the 2 hour workshop on Saturday, it was great being able to spend a solid amount of time working on the progressions to those hard to get gymnastics movements. Handstands, Toes to bar and Pull-ups where the focus and we were really happy with how the workshop ran. Love to receive your feedback on how we ran the workshop? Special shout out to Andrew who achieved his first ring muscle up during the workshop. 


New Members

Annah, James, Mick, Chris, Wilson, Ainslee, Christina


New Classes coming

Legends Class 

The Legends class is a functional fitness class for people over 60 which focusing on enhancing your strength and general fitness in everyday activities.

Starts next week and will run on Tuesday and Thursday between 10.30-11.30am. See website for more information. 


Conditioning & Core 

This class focuses solely on improving your aerobic capacity / stamina while also improving your core / midline strength. So if you want to improve your cardio fitness and improve your trunk / abdominal strength this class is for you. 

Starts next week – Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4.15-5.15pm. 


Thanks all from us, thanks for watching. 


CrossFit Reclaim team.